Chiquis Barrón

Author | Researcher | Art Junkie

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Good Things for a Young Woman's Spirit

This delightful gift book is a collection of empowering messages and vibrant illustrations inspiring young women to create a life filled with kindness, joy, courage, gratitude, and triumph.


Café Dulcet

"Delicious metaphors abound as the reader drinks in the story and the memorable people… In Barrón’s hands the story is sumptuous." —The U.S. Review


"A blend of rich characters, culture, drama, and community." —A Girl Named Eve Blog


"The author shows a great talent in her writing, one cultivated by quiet beauty and strength. She portrays a charismatic tone often found between two friends chatting over a hot cup of—yep, you guessed it—coffee, while her characters are depicted in raw, vibrant colors against the pale, orange desert of Arizona. You can’t wait to find out what happens next." —Livin’ la Vida Latina


Set in the colorful backdrop of the Arizona-Mexico border, Café Dulcet is an insightful story that follows Ximena "Nena" Ferrer through a closely-knit series of past and present events in her life. A captivating, female-character-driven, contemporary drama that draws on a diverse array of characters to complement Nena's strong yet quirky personality, Café Dulcet is a flavorful discovery of the similarities between coffee beans and people as they go through the processes that test inherent natures and strengths, and ultimately shape and give them their flavor and purpose. Café Dulcet is also a reminder that no matter how foreign people’s lives may seem—their language, their experiences, their culture, their place in the world—there is always a point of convergence. Coffee, with its global, all-senses-evoking qualities, oftentimes serves as that unifying factor.